South China Agricultural University adheres to the concept of “cultivating people-oriented, collaborative promotion”, based on the characteristics of the discipline and professional characteristics, with the theme of promoting quality education, focusing on improving the quality of personnel training, focusing on the innovative talent training mechanism, from the top Design, platform construction, resource integration, organization mobilization, atmosphere creation, etc., integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent cultivation, and form a student innovation and entrepreneurship education featuring “three-dimensional, chain, step-up, and full-course” mode.

1. “Three-dimensional” organization management and security system

The school attaches great importance to the innovation and entrepreneurship of college students, strengthens organizational leadership, integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the education and teaching reform system, and establishes and improves the organizational management and guarantee system of “three-dimensional” innovation and entrepreneurship. It has successively formulated relevant systems and introduced a series of new methods to stimulate technological innovation and transformation of results, mobilizing the enthusiasm of teachers, students and researchers to drive service innovation. It has built three innovative and entrepreneurial incubation platforms for the Yanshan District Business Incubation Base, the Taishan District, and the Qilin District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition Base with a total of 15,000 square meters.

2. “Step-up” talent training new mechanism

The school adheres to the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education. Through the optimization of majors, discipline integration, school-enterprise joint training and the establishment of high-end innovation classes, the company builds a layer-by-step, step-by-step, step-up innovative talent training mechanism, and strives to cultivate solid professional knowledge. Innovative and entrepreneurial talents with strong practical ability, innovative consciousness and sustainable development ability. The organization encourages students to participate in the College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, and rewards students for participating in the discipline competition. Regularly organizes the Innovation Class, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, the Entrepreneurship Guidance Seminar, the SYB Entrepreneurship Training Course, and the Alibaba Electric Merchant Training Course.

3. “Chain-style” innovation and entrepreneurship education practice system

Our school actively integrates resources, starting from the establishment of innovative entrepreneurship education courses, popularizing innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge, to carry out various innovation and entrepreneurial activities and competitions, creating an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere, enhancing students’ innovative and entrepreneurial skills, and then setting up incubation bases and maker spaces. In addition to the practical training of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, they have built a chain-based innovation and entrepreneurship education practice system.

4. “Full-course” one-stop innovation and entrepreneurship guidance service system

Our school implemented the “Ideology + Innovation + Entrepreneurship” three mentoring program, and the first batch of 300 innovative entrepreneurial instructors. Cooperate with Tianhe District Industry and Commerce Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to set up office points in schools, provide one-stop and one-stop service for college students in business registration, tax registration and preferential policy application. Focus on strengthening the construction of network platforms and improving the level of information technology. The tree pole is established to carry out the model lead plan.