On the evening of September 28th, the “How to be a Successful Person” in the “Entrepreneur Entering Campus” series of lectures was held in the library lecture hall. Mr. Yuan Zhongchang, Chairman of the Board of Gold and Silver Card Biotechnology Co., Ltd., gave a lecture. Chen Yongqing, a teacher of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, presided over more than 300 students from the 2017 Academy of Sciences and Ocean College.

Prior to the start of the lecture, the instructor appointment ceremony was held. Mr. Zeng Wei, the vice president of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, presented the letter of appointment to Mr. Yuan Zhongchang, and Mr. Yuan Yuan was the innovator and entrepreneurial tutor of the university students.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Yuan cited the typical example of success. He first proposed what a successful person is. Then, taking the employees of his company as an example, he vividly illustrated the successful person. First, he was a popular person. The key points to be aware of in the growth of the workplace.

By sharing the journey to success, Mr. Yuan gave advice on how to choose and how to succeed in college students’ entrepreneurial success. He believes that the correct way of thinking can be invincible. Successful people should have firm and correct ideas and establish The precise positioning and specific implementation goals are constantly consulted and summarized in the process of implementation, and find their own successful methods from the failure of others.

Finally, Mr. Yuan Zhongchang expressed his best wishes to the students, and encouraged the students to continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that is not afraid of hardship, constantly improve the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and participate in entrepreneurial practice.