On the morning of September 13, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute held a new semester work meeting in Room 205, the second floor of Gion.

At the meeting, Director Tian Li conveyed the spirit of the school’s new semester work conference, the spirit of the school discipline education learning month mobilization meeting, the spirit of the school education thoughts and the kick-off meeting, and the school’s “Ideological Work on Bi-weekly Learning” The spirit of the notice of learning, and informed the college’s implementation plan, requiring the entire school faculty to do a good job in comparison with the implementation plan.

Vice President Zeng Jun conveyed the spirit of the National Conference on Education and asked the faculty of the whole school to understand and do a good job in the implementation of the spirit of the conference, to establish their own positions and to do more work. The socialist builders and successors of the all-round development of the United States and the United States have made their due contributions.

The meeting stressed that the college should closely focus on the fundamental tasks of Lide Shuren, focus on the overall situation of school reform and development, and solidly promote the key work in the second half of 2018: First, we must do the first “Village Revitalization Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”. Second, we must do a good job in training the quality improvement seminars for entrepreneurs in the early 2018, and actively carry out training related to the college business, especially international exchange training. Promote international education, take Singapore and the United States as an innovation and entrepreneurship project as a pilot, and strive for more resources to lay the foundation for students’ international innovation and entrepreneurship exchange. The third is to vigorously carry out curriculum construction, provide learning opportunities, emotional communication platform, school-enterprise cooperation platform for teachers, and provide good teaching teachers; build a bridge between curriculum and entrepreneurial projects, and explore good entrepreneurial projects from the curriculum, docking companies Need to realize the two-way choice between entrepreneurial projects and the company, and cultivate excellent innovation and entrepreneurship teams. The fourth is to do a good job in the construction of academic disciplines and to carry out the implementation of innovative and entrepreneurial projects. The fifth is to deepen the integration of production and education, actively visit the school units, visit the leaders of discipline construction, and do a good job of communication with the higher authorities, brothers and other departments. Sixth, we must seize the resources in hand, actively visit alumni enterprises, and create a friendship and entrepreneurship alumni association; explore ways and means of fund establishment, and plan to adopt a subscription and set up an innovation and entrepreneurship fund. Seventh, it is necessary to increase the publicity of the work of the college, and do a good job in the official promotion of the college, the brochure and the official website of the college.

The meeting also studied other matters.